Jun 13, 2019


I was asked to make a modern version of a kama, a traditional Filipino and Japanese farming implement similar to a sickle originally used for reaping crops:

japanese traditional kama sickle hand tool

I wanted to create an optimized version of it that would be easy very fast and easy to carry in an urban environment.

After some sketching a couple of wood models were made in order to check the ergonomics and the correct angles of all the cutting edges. This is the final result:

Custom Sick Kama Bladetricks custom knives

 The Bladetricks Sick Kama is a modern version of this tool turned into a mighty weapon. Thanks to its compact design the Sick kama can easily be carried as a tactical EDC blade.

Knife maker AN Nash custom EDC tactical kama

O1 tool steel, 4 mm thick
OAL: 300 mm - Main edge: 59 mm - 355 g
Triple edge - Full tang construction
550 paracord twisted wrap - Kydex sheath

Tactical Kama Bladetricks edc gear

I you are interested in a custom Bladetricks Sick Kama you can contact me via E-mail:

Bladetricks AN Nash knife aker email contact