Jun 19, 2019


I just finished a new, One of a kind version of my Colibri karambit.

I made a few design modifications in order to make it a bit faster in a grappling / CQC situation.

This is how the original 2010 model looked like:

knife maker tactical karambit

As a custom, One of a kind version I want to offer a little extra, so I went for a triple edge blade. Here is a picture of the karambit after heat treatment with its final grind and waiting for the handle:

Triple edge chisel grind karambit knifemaker WIP

Originally designed as a single edge karambit, this custom One of a kind version of the Colibri karambit has a triple edge blade with an elegant and precise grind and shaving sharp cutting edges.

For the handle I decided to go for elegant exotic bubinga wood scales, pinned and epoxied as we do most of the time:

Custom karambit knife exotic wood handle by Bladetricks

The hand carved handle made from exotic bubinga wood offers a strong, secure and warm grip.

This is the final result:

Custom badass handmade tactical edc karambit

Conceived as a compact Every Day Carry self defense knife, the optimized geometry of the Colibri karambit allows fast and efficient attacks and unexpected counterattacks in a very small pack.

More info?

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