Mar 27, 2017


We are preparing a One Of A Kind Voodoo Ice Pick for a customer.

This custom ice pick will have a hand sculpted handle made of seasoned birch wood.

The rough general shape is achieved with a bandsaw and is then smoothed using a block plane.

Tactical edc ice pick by best knifemaker Bladetricks hand made knives

It's time to apply some texture on the wood:

Birch wood handle handcrafted by master knifemaker Bladetricks

Once the desired grip texture is reached, we proceed to enhace it using some heat:

Amazing finishing of a custom tactical ice pick handle, knife maker Bladetricks handmade blades

Next stage: gluing the spike and varnishing...

Bladetricks voodoo ice pick birch wood wip work in progress stanley block plane handcrafted custom handle knife maker knife making fire torch

Mar 16, 2017


This is our latest original karambit design:

Tanto shape blade karambit knife,Bladetricks custom edged weapons

The Bladetricks DOA karambit is a compact EDC karambit offering some unique knife combat advantages.

Best tactical karambit DOA triple edge chisel grind knife

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bladetricks tanto blade chisel grind karambit twisted paracord wrap knife handcrafted custom tactical weapon

Mar 13, 2017


The latest version of our original Pound Push Dagger is here:

Amazing EDC tactical Push Dagger by knife maker Bladetricks badass knives

The new POUND has an upswept tip blade for enhaced penetration and sculpted black G10 scales.

Amazing design cqc weapon knife custom handcrafted Push Dagger

Push daggers are excellent close-quarters combat weapons with impressive penetrative power, and thanks to their short handle they are easy to conceal.

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baldetricks oneofakind custom hand crafted edctactical G10 push dagger knife