Mar 7, 2018


The new Bladetricks La Parca karambit is ready and available:

Best karambit designer and maker tactical scythe La Parca karambit

With a scythe shaped blade, the new Parca is a tough and imposing karambit with a quick draw and excellent slashing capabilities.

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Mar 2, 2018


The second generation of Crisis Stop Switches is ready and available:

Tactical edc push dagger by Knifemaker Bladetricks

Compact, maintenance-free and intuitive to use, the Stop Switch push dagger can easily be carried in your pocket or around your neck as your emergency personal protection tool.

The Gen II Crisis series Stop Switch comes now in two sizes, standard and XL:

self defense pocketdump everyday carry push daggers by Bladetricks quality knives

Ahead of the rest knives karambits tomahawks and tools Bladetricks knifemaker

In our obsession with Minimalistic pointy tools and blades Bladetricks created the Crisis series offering practical tools and blades designed and made for the worst case scenario with toughness, ease of maintenanceand affordability in mind.

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Official Bladetricks Online store best karambits tactical knives & tools

Feb 26, 2018


A custom made, cord wrapped Bladetricks Toro Karambit was just delivered to its owner:

The blade grinding was carefully done after heat treatment:

Knife bkade chisel grind, custom made edc tactical karambit by Bladetricks

And this is the final result:
Best karambit maker Bladetricks quality hand made blades and tools

A detail picture of the Bladetricks Toro karambit blade:

Chisel grind karambit, Bladetricks custom knives

O1 tool steel, 3 mm thick
OAL: 165 mm
Blade: 55 mm, chisel grind + secondary  bevel
550 paracord wrap
Kydex sheath