I just finished a few tools with a neo tribal look:

tactical neo tribal knives

A custom tribal Dart and three pocket size Stop Switch push daggers that look like stone age hand made tools, all made from tool steel (O1 tool steel and 8670 alloy).

The Dart is a self defense tool that can be used as a palm stick or a kubotan:

Custom kubotan

The Tribal Dart shares its geometry with the Bladetricks Pocket Mini Gladius Dagger. However, its particular edgeless design is aimed at those specifically looking for a blunt self defense tool without cutting edges.

The Stop Switches (One Mini and two Compact versions) are three little pocket size, maintenance-free and intuitive self defense tools. Used as push daggers, the Stop Switches can easily be carried in the pocket as an emergency personal protection / last ditch tool.

Custom push dagger

EDC conceal carry dagger

OSS thumb dagger custom

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