Jul 23, 2018


Our CRISIS Stop Switch push daggers family has a new member:

EDC pocket push dagger Stop Switch Bladetricks tactical knives

After the original STD and the longer XL versions, we managed to create a more discreet version.

Compact thumb push daggers by Bladetricks knife maker

More info at Bladetricks.net

 Bladetricks online store

Jul 9, 2018


We are finishing our new survival / bugout bag / tactical pry bars.

preppers survival bugout bag pry bar multitool by Bladetricks

Larger and tougher than the first version, the Bladetricks XL Ice Pry is a multipurpose tool that fits any bugout bag / emergency kit.

Ice pick, pry bar, wedge, screwdriver and hammer in a a low profile and well thought-out design:

personal carry breaching tool pry bar knife maker Bladetricks


4340 high strength steel, 8 mm thick

OAL: 330 mm

365 grams

Available only at Bladetricks.net

 Bladetricks online store

Jun 19, 2018


We finally found some time to run some blade tests with the long awaited Bladetricks Crisis knife:

Toughest survival heavy knives knifemaker Bladetricks

The first Crisis knife prototype has a chisel grind. We wanted to test this grind on a thick and heavy blade.

Two versions of the same blade have been prepared, one 8 mm thick, the other 4 mm thick. The final thickness for the standard version will be decided once the performance tests concluded.

The Crisis knife will have an OAL of 320 mm with a 140 mm blade.

SHTF survival prepper kit knife Bladetricks CRISIS

More pictures coming soon.