Jun 13, 2019


I was asked to make a modern version of a kama, a traditional Filipino and Japanese farming implement similar to a sickle originally used for reaping crops:

japanese traditional kama sickle hand tool

I wanted to create an optimized version of it that would be easy very fast and easy to carry in an urban environment.

After some sketching a couple of wood models were made in order to check the ergonomics and the correct angles of all the cutting edges. This is the final result:

Custom Sick Kama Bladetricks custom knives

 The Bladetricks Sick Kama is a modern version of this tool turned into a mighty weapon. Thanks to its compact design the Sick kama can easily be carried as a tactical EDC blade.

Knife maker AN Nash custom EDC tactical kama

O1 tool steel, 4 mm thick
OAL: 300 mm - Main edge: 59 mm - 355 g
Triple edge - Full tang construction
550 paracord twisted wrap - Kydex sheath

Tactical Kama Bladetricks edc gear

I you are interested in a custom Bladetricks Sick Kama you can contact me via E-mail:

Bladetricks AN Nash knife aker email contact

May 10, 2019


The Pigquench is our latest knife:

Outdoor bushcraft survival custom knife

Based on our personal Dvash EDC knife, the Pigquench has a long blade with a good penetrating tip and a long, thin and shaving sharp cutting edge. A wider than usual hand sculpted walnut handle provides a secure and strong grip in all conditions.

Hunting custom made knife

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May 1, 2019


There is a tiny batch of Ultralight Pinky Karambits available at Bladetricks.net:

last ditch backup neck knife karambit

Designed and handcrafted one by one by knife maker A.N. Nash, these little karambits are a good option for those looking for a last ditch / backup neck knife.

small edc tactical karambit neck knife

This last batch is made of 4340 alloy, a very high strength steel sought after for its toughness and used for parts that will be highly stressed in applications requiring the highest tensile/yield strength (Military aircraft, Heavy Duty crankshafts and any other highly stessed parts). 4340 alloy steel is probably the toughest steel availble and we love to work with it in our workshop in order to make the toughest and most rugged knives and blades available at a rasonable price.

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