I just finished a few tools with a neo tribal look:

tactical neo tribal knives

A custom tribal Dart and three pocket size Stop Switch push daggers that look like stone age hand made tools, all made from tool steel (O1 tool steel and 8670 alloy).

The Dart is a self defense tool that can be used as a palm stick or a kubotan:

Custom kubotan

The Tribal Dart shares its geometry with the Bladetricks Pocket Mini Gladius Dagger. However, its particular edgeless design is aimed at those specifically looking for a blunt self defense tool without cutting edges.

The Stop Switches (One Mini and two Compact versions) are three little pocket size, maintenance-free and intuitive self defense tools. Used as push daggers, the Stop Switches can easily be carried in the pocket as an emergency personal protection / last ditch tool.

Custom push dagger

EDC conceal carry dagger

OSS thumb dagger custom

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 After designing the Pikal Trench knife for one of my returning customers I got excited with the performance of its newly designed knuckle duster / guard:

Pikal trench knife

The next step was to make a very portable EDC version of it, a pocket size self defense tool:

Titanium knuckle duster pikal

The Baby Trench excels in extreme close - quarters combat / grappling situations and is capable of causing serious tissue damage despite its small size:

eds manifesto pikal titanium

(All my knives can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

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 A small batch of Mini Gladiuses in titanium is ready and available:

Gladius knife

The specs are:
Grade 5 Ti 6Al-4V Titanium alloy, 4 mm thick
OAL: 166 mm - Cutting edge: 21 mm
Sculpted black G10 handle scales, pinned and epoxied
Kydex sheath

Gladius pocket knife

The Bladetricks Mini Pocket Gladius is a small and efficient self defense tool. It has a sharp double edge blade and a generous ergonomic multi position handle. This unique tactical blade is a perfect backup / last ditch neck knife, easy to carry on your belt, in your pocket or around your neck.

Being aware of its limitations, titanium is an excellent choice for an everyday carry custom knife or tool that will be used in very limited situations (emergency, last ditch, self defense life threatening). Its lightness and stainless properties offer unmatched ease of carry and it can be shaving sharp. 

(All my knives can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

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 Another ultralight EDC Titanium Fruit knife is ready:

Titanium pikal knife

The Bladetricks Ti Fruit is a very simple pikal /reverse grip backup knife extremely fast to deploy and intuitive to use.

EDC Fruit knife

Titanium karambit

The Bladetricks Blink Grip original and innovative handle design allows exceptionally fast draws in emergency CQC / self defense situations and provides a strong, secure grip.


(All my blades can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

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 I was contacted by one of my returning customers with a special request. He wanted me to design a Trench knife for his SHTF kit. 

21st century custom trench knife
US Mk 1 Trench Knife U.S. 1918, L F & C 1918

 A trench knife is a combat knife designed to incapacitate an enemy at close quarters, such as in a trench or other confined area. It was developed as a close combat weapon for soldiers attacking enemy trenches during the First World War.

The customer is a practitioner of the pikal (reverse grip and edge in) technique, so I considered that his new trench knife had to suit to this knife fighting style.

Most trench knives have an integrated knuckle guard made of metal (steel or brass):

Knuckle duster skull crusher guard trench knife

Since I was to review the whole trench knife concept from scratch, I wanted to upgrade this part of the fighting knife. The integrated knuckle duster / skull crusher would allow small circle movements in (even closer) Close-quarters combat (CQC) and grappling situations. The new knuckle duster / guard and skull crusher pommel should be able to cause major damage while containing its dimensions.

This is the final result: a custom made compact pikal / reverse grip combat knife with an integrated knuckle duster small guard for CQC situations:

custom pikal knife

The "horns" on the hand guard act as two micro karambits in grappling / close-quarters combat situations:

Eds Manifesto pikal knife

I went ahead with the design and decided to make a second trench knife, more loyal to the traditional design, generally with a straight double edge / dagger blade. I used the DAK dagger design as a base for the second trench knife:

Marines soldiers combat dagger DAK

I adjusted the new knuckle duster guard design to the DAK and this is the final result:

Custom made Trench knife 8670 steel

Double edge custom dagger

Both Bladetricks Trench knives come with a robust modular kydex sheath:

Custom Kydex sheath knife


(All my blades can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

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