Jun 30, 2022


 After the DOA karambit....

karambit knife

tactical karambit

... Came the Compact DOA reverse grip / pikal karambit:

custom made karambit

reverse grip karambit knife

Karambit self defense knife weapon

Then, following a customer's request I designed the Subcompact DOA double edge karambit:

Double edge karambit tactical carry

tactical carry karambit dagger

karambit glock flashlight fenix

The latest DOA is a custom made triple edge Compact DOA:

best karambit maker online

karambit knife maker best grind

custom karambit grind blade

With micarta handle scales for a secure and comfortable grip:

triple edge pikal karambit

pikal tactical carry karambit

eds manifesto librefighting karambit

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Jun 24, 2022


The Stop Switch is one of my most popular EDC products.

knife maker push dagger micarta

Halfway between a pocket awl and a push dagger, the Stop Switch is a very portable and persuasive EDC backup / self defense tool which design has been evolving since I introduced it in 2016. 

Field tested EDC urban carry tool

4340 steel push daggers knife maker

pocket carry push dagger

4340 steel knife making push dagger

EDC dump urban carry backup push dagger

Best push dagger tactical carry

knife maker Bladetricks push dagger self defense

EDC titanium push dagger kydex

custom push dagger black G10 copper pins

The next challenge was to create a custom version of this compact self defense push dagger with a  symmetrical V - ground spike:

tactical carry push dagger v grind

Best push dagger knife maker eds manifesto

tactical gear knife blade push dagger


(All my blades can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

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