Nov 4, 2018


We were eager to make a custom, One of a kind version of the Gremlin, our first ever designed Bladetricks tomahawk:

Everyday carry tomahawk Bladetricks tactical gear

The Gremlin tomahawk is more portable and lighter than the traditional tomahawks, generally too voluminous and heavy.

Bladetricks custom handcrafted tomahawk black G10 handle

The low profile hand sculpted black G10 handle scales offer exceptional grip and traction in all conditions.

Tactical edc easy to conceal custom tomahawk

Designed for CQC situations, the low profile of the Bladetricks Gremlin tomahawk makes it easy to carry and to conceal.

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Oct 22, 2018


We just finished a tiny batch of Classic Ice Pry Karambits:

 Classic Ice Pry Karambits at

The Ice Pry karambit is one of our most popular original tactical designs. This is the original long version, measuring almost 280 mm OAL.

Karambit shank knife maker Bladetricks

We made two versions of this EDC tool, the traditional flat (screw driver) tip version and a pointy version:

Best edcdump pocketdump shanks and blade by Bladetricks knives

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Sep 20, 2018


We just finished another Krav II EDC self defense knife:

double edge fighter knife edc conceal carry

The Bladetricks Krav Maga II knife has a chisel ground double edge blade for optimal penetration, slashing, opponent control and toughness.

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