Nov 18, 2020


 The new generation of my popular Crack Mace is ready and available:

everyday carry warhammer

The Gen 3 generation of the Crack Mini EDC Mace has an improved handle for better traction and a redesigned head.

tactical edc mace

Halfway between a tomahawk and a war hammer, the Bladetricks Crack Mini Mace is a forward step in our obsession for extremely simple combat / CQC tools requiring no maintenance that will fit your EDC / bug out bag (BOB) urban kit.

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Oct 5, 2020


 A new variation on the popular Nosaf Raal Karambit is ready and available:

Pakal karambit

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Sep 27, 2020


The Bladetricks Goliath Tarantula push dagger is the new member of the Bladetricks Tarantula ice pick family:

Best knife maker toughest push dagger

The Goliath Tarantula is the biggest of my tactical push ice picks so far

Tactical push dagger field gear

Fully hand made from a single piece of 4340 alloy steel, this original Bladetricks tool has chamfered corners to make it comfortable in the hand and safe.
4340 steel is used for applications requiring the highest tensile/yield strength (Military aircraft, Heavy Duty crankshafts and any other highly stressed parts).
The Tarantula push dagger has carefully been heat treated (hardened and tempered) in our digitally controlled electric kiln, and a unique antique finish has been applied, offering rust protection as well as an interesting and personal look.

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