Apr 19, 2021


I just delivered another custom made Diyuk double edge karambit to a Counter Terrorism Unit, in this occasion to the YAMAM unit:

Counter terrorism YAMAM Unit Bladetricks knife

Half dagger half karambit, the elegant Bladetricks Diyuk Karambit excels in all fighting and CQC situations.

Custom tactical double edge karambit knife

Nov 18, 2020


 The new generation of my popular Crack Mace is ready and available:

everyday carry warhammer

The Gen 3 generation of the Crack Mini EDC Mace has an improved handle for better traction and a redesigned head.

tactical edc mace

Halfway between a tomahawk and a war hammer, the Bladetricks Crack Mini Mace is a forward step in our obsession for extremely simple combat / CQC tools requiring no maintenance that will fit your EDC / bug out bag (BOB) urban kit.

Available only at Bladetricks.net
(Preorders accepted if out of stock)

 Bladetricks online store

Oct 5, 2020


 A new variation on the popular Nosaf Raal Karambit is ready and available:

Pakal karambit

Available only at Bladetricks.net

 Bladetricks online store