At Bladetricks, innovation and practicality go hand in hand. The Ti Fruit Knife embodies this approach. This everyday carry (EDC) pikal, reverse grip edge-in self-defense knife crafted from high-quality titanium is built for reliability and performance.

  • Designed for EDC and Self-Defense:
The Ti Fruit Knife’s design makes it versatile for everyday carry and self-defense. Its reverse grip edge-in configuration is intuitive to use, offering quick and reliable performance. Whether you're a professional or an EDC enthusiast, this knife is a va
luable addition to your gear.

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  • A Practical Handle Design:
The Ti Fruit Knife features the Blink Grip fast draw handle, a design I developed to ensure fast deployment. This handle is ideal for emergency close-quarters combat (CQC) and self-defense situations, providing a strong and secure hold.

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  • High-Quality Titanium:
Made from Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V titanium, the Ti Fruit Knife combines lightness, strength, and toughness. This material enhances durability while keeping the knife lightweight and easy to carry. Grade 5 titanium is known for its resilience and is commonly used in aerospace, high-end sporting goods, and medical implants.

  • Handcrafted Quality:
Every Ti Fruit Knife is handcrafted in my small workshop. I ensure each knife meets high standards of quality and performance. This dedication to craftsmanship means you receive a knife that’s functional and unique.

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The new Ti Fruit Knife – Pikal Blink Grip Version reflects Bladetricks' commitment to innovation, quality, and practicality. With its practical handle design, superior materials, and meticulous handcrafting, this knife is built for modern EDC and self-defense scenarios.

(All my knives can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

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