I was asked by one of my returning customers to make a special EDC ice pick.

  • The customer's requests were:
  • It has to be low profile design
  • The ice pick has to be made in titanium.
  • 150 mm OAL
  • Two finger handle with good traction.

After some sketches and prototypes we had a winning design and this is the final result: 

tactical titanium ice pick

The Black G10 handle scales provide extra grip control, traction and contact surface with the hand:

titanium edc ice  pick

Low profile and easy to conceal:

edc self defense ice pick

If required the Dalton Ice Pick can be used as a last ditch / backup tactical push dagger:

knife maker push dagger titanium

"I have finally received my item. Excellent work, as always. I think adding the scales was the right call since it feels really good in hand with the extra thickness. Nailed the sheath as well." A.D

More information about the ice pick:

The ice pick is a pointed metal tool used to break, pick or chip at ice. The design consists of a sharp metal spike attached to a wooden handle. The tool's design has been relatively unchanged since its creation.

Originally considered an improvised weapon (an object that was not designed to be used as a weapon but can be put to that use and generally used for self-defense), ice picks have become a niche by itself inside the world of knife making.

About Bladretricks knife maker tactical ice picks:

Since its creation Bladetricks ice picks designs have become a reference in terms of design and craftmanship of innovsative tactical and everyday carry ice picks for other knife makers.

You can check more Bladetricks tactical and EDC ice picks by visiting the Bladetricks ice pick collection on my website:


(All my blades can be customized to tailor customer's needs)