Nov 1, 2022


 The Buzz is my new family of self defense fast draw knives and tools:

Pocket tactical knives

So far the Buzz family  is composed of three different models (2 knives and an ice pick):

EDC self defense knives

Despite its compact size, their carefully designed handle allow a strong and secure sabre grip specially suited for fast and precise slicing movements.

Best EDC knife

Small sabre grip knife

Small sabre grip tactical knife

The Buzz EDC last ditch knife can also be comfortably held as push dagger.

self defense push dagger

tactical push dagger

tactical backup push dagger

Sabre or push dagger grip, you choose the way to hold them and to use them.

The Model 2 Buzz knife can also be held in the reverse grip / edge out position:

last ditch claw knife


(All my blades can be customized to tailor customer's needs)

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