The HellCat Jab Hawk was one of my first tomahawks designs when I became a full time knife maker back in 2010. During all these years the model has been evolving in my head. Several new versions came up, and I opted for the most loyal to the original model:

Tactical tomahawk

Knife maker tomahawk

Best CQC EDC tomahawk V grind

For the handle, I wanted to try a new material instead of the traditional micarta or G10 that I generally use. Even if not so popular among makers and after some research and testing I concluded that FRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) was the way to go for many reasons:

It is very tough
It is a much lighter material
It is easy to work
The look and feel is great.
Easy to find

The only downside of FRN I found is that it cannot be glued, meaning that it can only be mechanically attached to the handle section.

custom made tomahawk black FRN handle

Knife maker tomahawk thrust piercing

HellCat Tomahawk

Thicker than usual copper pins were used to secure the hand sculpted black FRN handle scales to the handle.

The final result is a well balanced, easy to carry and efficient compact tomahawk.
Me version of the HellCat are on the way.

All my products can be customized to tailor customer's needs.

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