Oct 7, 2021


 Here's another version of one of my favorite blades, the Kadesh integral knife:

Knife maker integral Fighter custom knife

The Kadesh is a Bladetricks approach to the popular purely tactical daggers developed since WWII such as the Fairbairn–Sykes and the Gerber Mark II used by many special forces units around the world such as the OSS, the Marine Raiders, the Dutch commando Corps, and the Rangers.

Compound grind tactical dagger

The Bladetricks Kadesh fighter knife has a slender and pointy blade with a recurve cutting edge. The beautifully executed multi-grind (A.K.A. compound grind) blade combines the benefits of both a robust penetrating tip and a shaving sharp slicing cutting edge. The carefully designed ergonomic handle grants a strong and precise grip in all grip positions ( forward grip techniques: hammer, saber, filipino, reinforced palm grips - Reverse grip techniques: reverse grip in, reverse grip edge out grips).

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