Jul 23, 2019


We wanted to make a fighting dagger for a long time. 
The concept was very clear on our minds.  A tactical knife has to be simple and intuitive to use tool, but also imposing and intimidating. It took us a while to find the right design that would fulfill all our requirements:

- A long, slender blade
- Thinner than usual cross section
- Excellent penetration capabitities
- Good cutting performance
- Versatile and safe handle in all grip positions

We ended up with this:

Tactical fighting dagger

Custom tactical knife fighter

Commando special ops tactical knife

A fighting knife has to be TOUGH above all. If we wanted to achieve a slender blade with a thinner than the average cross section and to keep a reasonable final price the steel choice was obvious: 4340 high strength alloy steel was the way to go:

4340 alloy steel is the THE REFERENCE for toughness. Properly heat treated it will create the toughest blade with an acceptable edge retention (+/- 55 HRC).

Although we are planning a cord wrapped version of the Kadesh dagger, we wanted the first version with solid scales. A slow cure epoxy (24 hours dry time, clamped on the bench vice) combined with pinned and riveted aluminium pins is the best way to secure the handle scales on this full tang fighting knife.

The Kadesh fighting knife is the Bladetricks approach to the popular commando fighting knives and daggers developed since WWII such as the Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife, Gerber Mark II used by many special  forces around the world such as the OSS, the Marine Raiders, the Dutch commando Corps, and the Rangers.

Exclusively designed for surprise attack and fighting, the Bladetricks Kadesh dagger has a slender, sharp and pointy blade with a recurve edge. The carefully designed ergonomic handle grants a strong and precise grip in all grip positions ( forward grip techniques: hammer, saber, filipino, reinforced palm grips - Reverse grip techniques: reverse grip in, reverse grip edge out grips).

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