Feb 12, 2018


Some more pictures of our latest Nosaf Raal Subcompact tomahawk:

EDC subcompact tomahawk Bladetricks edged weapons

Chisel ground, sharp and pointy cutting edge on the tomahawk's head.

Quality twisted paracord wrapped hndle subcompact tomahawk
Curved handle for enhaced traction, control and impact power, with ergonomic prying tip.
550 paracord twisted wrap for a quality grip and lightness.

Best tactical tomahawks by Bladetricks knife maker

Rugged tomahawk spike with hooking capabilities

Best toughest tomahawk maker Bladetricks 4340 alloy steel tools

4340 alloy steel, 4 mm thick - OAL: 290 mm - 445 grams
Cutting edge: 66 mm, chisel grind
Pommel crusher / prying tip handle
Twisted 550 Paracord wrapping - Kydex sheath

4340 is a very high strength steel sought after for its toughness and used for parts that will be highly stressed. Characterised by its high shock and impact resistance, 4340 steel offers a very good balance of strength, toughness and wear-resistance. 4340 is used for applications requiring the highest tensile/yield strength (Military aircraft, Heavy Duty crankshafts and any other highly stessed parts).

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