Jun 18, 2017


We didn' t make one of these for a very long time:

Bladetricks quality handcrafted knives work in progress

The Nosaf karambit knife blank has been waterjet cut together with other blades. It will need some profiling before grinding the edges.

Bladetricks double edge karambit edc knife

The Nosaf karambit has both edges ground and is ready for heat treatment.

Bladetricks professional hardening and tempering of knives

This is how the knife looks like right after heat treatment (hardening and tempering). After some cleaning the kydex sheath can be made.

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Once the karambit cleaned and the kydex sheath made, the handle section can be cord wrapped (550 paracord on this one) and the edge is sharpened

Awesome hand crafted Nosaf karambit, Bladetricks original blades

The Bladetricks Nosaf Karambit combines our comfortable karambit ringed handle with the blade of a conventional EDC knife.

6150 Spring steel, 3mm thick
OAL: 180 mm - Edge: 70 mm - Single cutting edge & false edge
550 paracord wrapping
Kydex sheath

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