Mar 21, 2016


We were asked to make a couple of Nosaf Raal karambits. The customer wanted a V grind on them (we usually chisel grind our tactical blades) and aged walnut scales. He also wanted one of the custom karambits to have a longer blade.

Knife maker custom made karambits work in progress

This picture shows both karambits cut and ground, together with the wood scales waiting to be epoxied and pinned to the knives,

Knife karambit maker tactical edc karambit, wip

After heat treating the blades to the desired HRC hardness, the scales are glued with epoxy resin and pinned with aluminium pins. 24 hours later the epoxy has cured and it' s possible to work on the scales.

knife karambit maker custom karambit

The scales are shaped, sculpted  and carefully finished before the process of aging them. After a few hours and some patience, this is the result:

Tactical custom made karambit by Nash Knife maker for Bladetricks

The Standard custom made Nosaf Raal Karambit:

Knife maker Bladetricks custom tactical Nosaf Raal Karambit

... And the XL custom made Nosaf Raal Karambit:

Karambit maker Badetricks custom XL Nosaf Raal Karambit knife

knife karambit maker tactical custom handmade custom walnut