Oct 20, 2015


We finally delivered a big knife we were working on in the last weeks.
Named the Arieh, this large chopper (chopping knife) was specially designed following the customer's requirements.

Here is the initial concept we proposed to the customer:

Knife making design of a large outdoor camp blade knife

Once accepted, we made a quick wood prototype in order to feel and check its geometry:

Custom knife maker Nash design process using wood scale models

After some minor modifications the knife blank was finally cut:

The customer requested a thick, heavy blade, and 8 mm of thick O1 tool steel seemed the right choice.

Finished the grinding, the blade was heat treated (hardening and tempering) in our digitally controlled electrick kiln:

Knife maker accurate blade heat treatment

Here is the final result:

Custom hand made chopper thick knife large blade by Bladetricks

The Arieh custom knife specs are:
O1 tool steel, 8 mm - 5/16 in thick blade, full tang construction
OAL: 31 cm  12,2 inches
Blade: 17 cm - 6,5 inches
Sculpted natural canvas micarta scales
825 grams - 1,81 lb

Nash knife maker chopper knife with micarta scales

professional perfect blade grinding by knife maker