Dec 29, 2016


As promised, a few more pictures of our latest Pound Push Dagger:

Tactical combat Pound push dagger by Bladetricks

150 years old recycled fir wood was used for the handle. The scales were epoxied and pinned to the knife and thoroughly sanded before the aging process and varnishing.

The blade and cutting edge sections of the Bladetricks pound push dagger were designed to allow both penetration and slashing.

Pound push Dagger fighting knife, Bladetricks tactical blades

The Bladetricks Pound Push Dagger is an imposing self defense knife.
The oversized handle of the Pound push dagger allows extra force exertion, while its wide blade was designed for icreaseded tissue damage.
Push daggers are excellent close-quarters combat weapons with impressive penetrative power, and thanks to their short handle they are easy to conceal.

6150 spring steel, 3 mm thick
OAL: 154 mm - Edge: 86 mm
Single edge,  V - grind & secondary bevel
recycled 150 year old fir wood scales
kydex sheath

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